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Ladies, What do you love about your post-pregnancy body❤️ …


What do you love about your post-pregnancy body❤️ There's so much talk about how your body transforms, both good and not so good. We want to hear your positive body image thoughts! Is there anything that you love about your postpartum body? Please leave your comments below and we'll add your responses to a new blog article.



— I love it minus the gut. Lol..

— I love the extra weight. I've always been skinny so the ten to fifteen more pounds in my booty and thighs looks great. My husband loves it!

— with my first pregnancy, i gained 16 lbs, lost it all upon birth, and was down an additional 25 within the first month. I suppose i still felt beautiful then. i didnt really think any different. i had a little mommy pouch but i already had a small pouch there before that. there was just newer darker stretch marks. with my second pregnancy i gained 8 lbs, and he was 9.2 so i lost it all upon birth as well and was down 16 the first week. not sure where im at now but he'll be a month old in a couple days. as far as my PP body goes, my hips are still pretty wide. they didnt go back like they did with my first and ive gone up two cup sizes because of breastfeeding. i did breast feed my first and went up one cup with her. i didnt get any new stretch marks this time but because he careied different my skin still stretched differently and shrank back a little weird. but thats okay, i was never a fan of bikinis anyways ;)

— I love that I have "mom hips" and even though my body isn't what is traditionally considered beautiful, I now get pride when I see it, and I never had that before!

— my hips lol my hip bones expand now I look like a woman 💕

— my hips were already wide to begin with, and right now I still have an extra 25 pounds to lose to be back where I was before. but I am not rushing it, because I know I'll get there in time. but I know once I do my hips and boobs are going to be better than before and I'm gonna have an amazing figure. 😇

— I like that I actually got down to size better than I thought I would. Even though I can't fit into any of my jeans anymore because of my hips. I feel good about myself actually. 💗

— Hips! ❤️💃🏼

— With my first I gained about 35 pounds it was hard for me because just a little over 9 months early I was a double zero aty wedding and now I was wearing a size 10. It was hard to look at the stretch marks, I had done everything they said I needed to do to not get then and still got them. I look at my self now and think of all the things i feel needs improvement and then I stop myself to realize this body that needs "improvement" has gone through the most magical life changing event ever witnessed in history and I need to be proud of that fact. Do I love myself every day? No, but I love that my body is indeed amazing and I would trade any of it for the world.

— I didn't gain much weight pregnant. Between baby and water weight, I gained about 10 lbs. But when I first had my son, I had rapid weight loss. I was down 50 lbs by the time he was one month old. I didn't have any negative thoughts. It was weird seeing my stomach that was once flat have extra skin there. But I still felt beautiful. Mommy life agreed with me, at least that's what I felt. My skin was glowing, and even though I didn't get to really do anything fancy with myself, I felt good. It wasn't until this month (my son is almost 3 months old) when I went shopping that I started feeling negative thoughts about the extra skin on my stomach. I felt so ugly and down on myself. But then I came home and my son looked at me and his eyes lit up and he gave me a huge smile and I knew that it didn't matter. I didn't care about the tummy weight. He made me feel beautiful. And that is something I wouldn't change for anything in world. Even a flat stomach with no stretch marks.

— I love my tummy! I'm a plus size in general and my extra skin and fat that I gained while carrying my princess symbolizes a healthy pregnancy. My husband rubs my tummy and tells me he loves it. But I love it regardless of his acceptance. My body created and carried the most precious person to me and I cherish it.

— I personally came back down to my pre pregnancy weight 2 weeks after having my son. But I love my body. The extra skin on my belly doesn't bother me, It simply makes me happy to know I carried my son in there. I love my stretch marks because without those my son wouldn't be here. I love my C-Section scar simply because without that scar my son wouldn't have been able to come out of me and into this world. No I don't fit into my jeans from before pregnancy, but without all of my stretch marks, extra skin on my belly, legs and hips bigger than normal and my scar I would not have my son. He is my world. And I love this body that I now have with proof to show that I carried my child and without that there would be no baby. 💝💝💝

— At first I felt disgusting with my pp body... But then I loss all the weight but still had just a little bit of baby fat... After I lost the weight I realized that I do love my body because I brought such a beautiful baby girl in to this crazy world! It's been 2 years since having her and I feel awesome and happy, seeing these stretch marks are just my daily reminder of my girl!! Now we're expecting baby #2 and I know after the baby is born I'll feel a little unhappy with my pp body but I know I can work it off again. 😊

— Absolutely nothing. Stretch marks everywhere.. Belly button still hasnt gone back in.. Boobs are saggy.. Etc.

— I love absolutely nothing about this body I'm in. The extra skin is the worst. And being almost 4 months pp, I feel like I haven't transformed at all! 😣😣😣