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Hello moms have your infant child develop like acne at there first few weeks after being born? They look like bumps everywhere (small ones) first they look like few red pimples and then the small bumps spread around afterwards and she will get them while being warm or cries and gets all warm up. At least that’s how I noticed and I haven’t put lotion on her face instead just gently grab a wash cloth and put warm water on it and gently wiped her face and gently Pat around her eyes. If your child e…
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1 день
ekko It’ll go away on its own pretty soon. It’s from hormones.
ekko She’s adorable by the way!
leonardsquared TOTALLY normal. Pretty sure all, if not a BIG majority, of babies go through this phase. Breastmilk
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I had recess duty today and I noticed a group of first graders playing Red Light Green Light. I have never once seen kids play this in nearly 15 years of daily recess duty. Suspicious.

So I get a little closer and, sure enough, they’re playing “creepy” Red Light Green Light where you die when you’re out. I quizzed the ring leader about the game and she starts describing the scene from Squid Game. People need to monitor what their kids watch. This is so disturbing. Six year olds, people. Six …
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3 дня
ksmommyx3 Ekkkkk
momgroupreject Someone gonna come on here and be like “my kid watched it and they’re fine! They love
latinamomof3 My kids play squid game red light green light. My daughter told me she played at school,
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