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okay I need some advice me and my boyfriend have been trying and trying this is month 3 of negative test. so I got aunt flow on the 5th and it ended the 11th I have been having intercourse since the 13th. and I have been taking ovulation test the first 2 were one dark line and a faint one today I took one and there was no line. any suggestions?

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— don't plan it. just let it happen.

— download the glow app. it worked for me

— thanks!

— The stress of trying to get pregnant and seeing the negative results will cause you to get discouraged and you won't be able to make a baby. Breathe and have fun with it the unplanned is the best way to go when trying to get pregnant.

— I know but I want to do it right I dont want an oops im pregnant I want to be able to tell my baby you were planned for months...

— Don't plan it I'll make u stress and that's not good while trying to make a baby trust me I had the same issue for months till one day I just decided to just breath and if it happens it happens few weeks later bam I found out I was pregnant.

— Are you really in tune with your body..? I could always tell when I was ovulating, right in the middle of my cycle I could feel a slight crampy feeling near my ovaries.

— yea I am im just worried because I take anti anxiety medication and im only 100 pounds...

— I planned my pregnancy and got pregnant the exact time I wanted to, I wanted a April/may baby. I had the app called "my days" and I would buy ovulation tests at the dollar store they work just as good as the ones people spend 20-30 bucks on. The biggest thing is, don't get upset when you see a negative test it will happen! I found out when I went to the doctor to get tested for a uti. I thought I was pregnant the month before because I missed my period for over a week then it came but before my next period could come I got pregnant and found out when I was 1-2 weeks. Good luck girl!

— thanks! !!

— @junebaby that app works great with all the percentages its over 100 percent I think its my month! thats so much!!

— @micmac, your welcome. I liked it cause it tells you your most fertile days. I actually got pregnant on a day with 12% chance though.

— I took a, test tonight it was negative