The only app for modern moms is a free mobile app where motherly wisdom meets kindred spirits. It is a place where modern moms can meet, chat, support each other, and harness the knowledge of parents all over the internet.

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Connect, laugh, cry, brag, and vent — is a judgement-free zone. Use kindness to support one another through every trial of parenting. Just you, your experiences, and other moms who truly get it.

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What if there was an app full of resources that applied perfectly to your everyday life? is the global hub for parenting content, mini-apps, groups, popular influencers, and celebrity news.

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All it takes is the touch of a button – is the perfect second opinion. Navigate our user-friendly app to tap into the parenting experiences and opinions of our moms, as well as the rest of the internet.

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Do you have this mama thing down? Knowledge is power, and is big on empowering moms at every stage of parenthood. Join and support other moms as they go through the magic and madness of mommyhood.

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You know what’s missing in your life as a mom? The app. is one of the best pregnancy and parenting apps you can find on android and iphone for moms today. When you download the application you are greeted with a parenting community that can nurture your everyday life as an expecting, new or seasoned mom. There is a place for moms of all ages and stages of mom life.

All your parenting information and support needs are met is a fantastic resource for information. Why have a bunch of different parenting apps on your phone when you can have just one that does it all? is striving to do just that:

Use our pregnancy apps like the pregnancy tracker app and hospital bag app before baby comes home.
After baby arrives, use the developmental milestones app and feeding tracker app where you can receive daily information about your baby’s growth and development.
Ask health questions about your baby and pregnancy in the app newsfeed. The newsfeed is very similar to other social media apps where you might be spending your time. You can post a question, ask for advice, share your photos and more.

Find your community of mom friends

Our moms are happy to help you with your parenting questions based on their own experience. It is perfectly normal not to know what to expect when you are expecting, and to not know how to care for your child when you are a first time mom. You’ll find that even the seasoned moms are looking for support and answers within our app because no child is ever the same as the other.

From labor and delivery, to sleep strategies and teething, our app for moms is the place for you and your baby to get support, find information and most importantly – find your tribe of mom friends. Moms are sharing their baby bump pictures, announcement ideas, first birthday photos, and making bonds that they are taking offline too.

How is different

Do you want to know the best part about We’re live moderated. That means there is no mom shaming allowed. Our team is monitoring the community to ensure you feel safe, supported and protected from negativity. Perfect parenting doesn’t exist, and you should be able to find support in a community that gets that.

What are you waiting for?

Download our app today – we’re free and our moms are happy and eager to welcome new moms. We have new features rolling out all the time, and 2017 promises to be the most exciting year for us yet. Get the app today and start making friends.