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Right this is proper embarrassing and gross but I've been h…

Right this is proper embarrassing and gross but I've been having issues fulling emptying my bowels and it's been causing me stomach pains, I'm on iron tablets and baby's down really low so I think those two things are not helping, just scared me cos on the internet just keeps saying bowel cancer I can't find out if it's pregnancy related or not does anybody know?


— You can get suppositories to put in x

— @missmysleep that's a good idea I will do this tomorrow thank you xx

— @kayteamay yeah I will try that, thank you yeah the downsides to being pregnant ay this hot summer weather isn't helping either so drained and tiered constantly, i haven't got to long left now so hopefully will all be over soon xx

— Aswell as drinking lots of water take your iron tablets with a glass of fresh orange juice. The vitamin c will help your body absorb the iron and also help you poop 😁

— I am severely anaemia aswell. You need to go to a pharmacy and ask for lactulose. It’s like a syrup. Take the recommended dose and as soon as you’ve taken it drink a pint of water. Lactulose works by drawing water into your bowel and softening everything and making it easier to go. The more water you drink the better it is. Iron tablets can cause really bad constipation and will make your poop black. That’s completely normal so don’t worry about that. Don’t be depressed or embarrassed about asking for advice. My iron tablets cause me hell and I’ve suffered from chronic constipation all my life.

— @jo.wilcox awww it's horrible isn't it! I'm so anaemic I'm having to take 2 a day of 200mg ferrus sulfate ...its giving me stomach cramps black tary poop so embarrassing to talk about but its seriously depressing like I haven't been able to go for a normal bowel movement in such a long time its so uncomfortable 😭 I hate talking about stuff like this but its doing my head in xx

— It's the iron tablets. I've never had issues and the minute I had to start taking the iron tablets in pregnancy I had issues. I ended up so bad, I didn't go for 5 days! X