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Ladies, What was your most annoying pregnancy symptom that…


What was your most annoying pregnancy symptom that nobody warned you about? 😕We want to hear from you for a new blog post. Did you have a pregnancy symptom that caught you off guard and that surprised you? Please reply in the comments below.



— The nose bleeds! My goodness those were so terrible.

— People warned me about the mood swings... I didn't know they were that bad. I was a mental patient when I was pregnant 😂😂 The simplest question would make me lose my mind.

— Bloody gums. Wasn't prepared for that 😳

— The growing belly pains! Nothing prepared me for that! Not even period cramps! 😩

— Omg freaking discharge 😩😷 so. Much. Discharge

— Probs TMI, but for me it was the weird poops... and how hard it is to wipe after going, period, with all the extra belly going on.
Oh. And the aching joints that make it tough to get comfortable, and the horrid lava-like heartburn that strikes spontaneously and returns even after popping tums, and lightning crotch, and how hard it is to feel like you're getting enough air sometimes what with your lungs being so compressed, and how sitting in a hot and crowded room becomes a worse fate than death...

— Rib pain!!!! So much rib pain!!!

— HAIR HAIR HAIR EVERYWHERE! I didn't know I was going to turn into chewbacca

— I don't think anyone ever warned me that the heartburn actually felt like boiling lava burning my throat 😂

— shortness of breath upon exertion, carpal tunnel, weird dreams,itchy stretch marks, lower body "arthritis", cannot tolerate summer heat and darker armpits😲

— feeling like I just ran a marathon constantly, when I havent done much at all

— sweating...and when they say pee every five minutes they really mean every 5 minutes especially during the night time where you finally get comfortable and then you like crap got to pee again and start all over

— right now, the rib pain! I never even thought this would happen. and also the being so out of breath that you have to sit down for a break when doing simple tasks 😩😩😩

— headache!

— Right now I'm tired of peeing - but I knew that. I didn't know about pregnancy brain though