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hubby found a 3 bedroom house. but it's $900's a month :( …

hubby found a 3 bedroom house. but it's $900's a month :(
ugh were never gonna move out lol. The whole reason why we moved to Nebraska was theres, cheaper living. If thats the case why have I been stuck living at the in-laws for almost 3 years? lol.


— omg i need to move there :( i paid 1150 for my 1/1, we just moved cause we couldnt afford it :\ i hate miami

— yea I wish he would just say okay let's move in. I don't even know what the house looks like. but I'm sure it's better then the house were living in now. lol.
I'm tired of living in a farm. in more of a city type girl. his mom's house has rats and spiders of all shapes and sizes. and like 25 + cats outside. and I know his mom is sick of us living here. after what she did yesterday to our bedroom. @mommy2jaidyn.noah

— I'm only joking we live off base and he wouldn't be able to Huey's and Cobras are only in 4 states lol @momma588 but that's a damn good price . I'd give my whole left arm for

— nope, no military base here. he's a verteran now so we can't live on base :/

— Girl what!!! We pay 1343 for a 2 bedroom no utilities . They got a military base there?! We need to relocate I see

— lol I feel you . keep looking hun . you will find it but tell him unless its low income housing or section 8 a 3 bedroom for 500 is not practical lol

— the lowest my husband will go is 500 a month. otherwise he wants to keep looking. :/ he wants a 3 bedroom and not a 2 bedroom. I said idc if we ended up with a 1 bedroom lol. I want the hell out of this farm house. it's not for me. @monilovesautumn

— I'm San Diego and its nice and plenty of things to do yes, but cost of living is not even practical. For my 2 bedroom townhouse is $1650. In May we outta here we're going back to the East coast

— girl that's cheap!! I used to lice in Cali and their 3 bedrooms are 3x that and you had to still pay water sewer trash lights gas and whatever other luxuries you want . but , keep searching I found 3 bedrooms for cheaper with utilities included. we pay 745 for a 2 bed 1 bath out here but we have to pat for our water and electricity

— if we don't move by February. I'm gonna pack up and move lol. I'm done with having patience. I'm a grown ass women living with his mommy and daddy. it's ridiculous to me.

— having my kids in California are the only thing that would draw me back to moving there.
I'm so bored in this state. nothing to do. lol. @_supermommie2173

— I mean we have HIS family here. but I don't have mine. I hope I won't resent him one day. cause I miss my kids. and I miss my privacy. @aphrodite2014

— Wow!! I pay $1350 for a 2 bedroom apartment here in tx!!

— I'd LOVE to pay $900 for rent....let's switch u move to Cali and I move to NE. Girl its ridiculous here

— @momma588, my SO is the same exact way..