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Will my baby be okay if I don't take my prenatal i hate the…

Will my baby be okay if I don't take my prenatal i hate them they are so freaking nasty


— I haven't felt mine kick so im worried maybe cuz i stopped taking them so i took one today

— I stopped taking them when my nausea kicked in and I still haven't started back. I want to but I still get sick. So I'm waiting until I feel a lot better!

— I feel I should take them tho but the ones i have taste like metal 😝

— *gummies

— I was taking the funnies but they still made me feel nauseous so my doctor said I don't have to take them

— yes your baby will be fine I never took mine after they made me sick and I was 10 weeks my baby girl is very healthy

— Im very constipated so maybe I'm taking in too much iron even tho I don't even know foods that have iron in it and its so bad that just now i bled from being constipated but my doc didn't give me nothing i even drank a little prune juice that didn't help me even and my bf warmed it up for me n my son

— I dont take mine. My doctor just said to eat foods high in iron so I dont become anemic later on in my pregnancy.

— Yes prenatal are for babies ask ur doc

— It's important to take them, just because they look healthy doesn't mean inside isn't.. It helps them

— Hmmm how much are they

— back*

— The only prenatals that I found that I like are the vita fusion prenatal gummies i think they actually taste good lol. In the beginning of pregnancy they made me nauseous tho so I started taking them at night and I was fine then.

— I personally haven't taken my prenatals in months and my son is completely healthy, even in the 98th percentile for weight and length. prenatals are pretty much for you not the baby, the baby takes what he/she needs from you the prenatals just give you nutrients bacm

— How come