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19+2  I'm getting a little bigger.

I'm getting a little bigger. Today I have the worst cramp/pain on my right side. What could it be ladies? I read about round ligament pain.. Can it be that?

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— yes horrible ligament pain. I suffered last night with it.

— yes all last night and I am still feeling it at this moment. its not that bad sitting up but soon as I lay down its the worst. @junebaby

— mine get bad when I cough, sneeze or get up/turn over too fast.

— round ligament pain. I had it a lot the beginning of my second trimester. its not fun, but it will pass.

— please pass now. Lol. this is definitely no fun @meaganrose24

— You can take Tylenol soak in some warm water to help reduce the paid.

— thanks @meaganrose24

— no problem!

— Def take a bath and soak! it helps alot! good luck hun

— thanks @mdomke22

— get you some epsom salts and soak in the bath. epsom salts really help with any kind of body pain because it has magnesium in it

— okay. thanks. @missj_stephens