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The Super Pink Moon of 2021 rises tonight. During the April…

The Super Pink Moon of 2021 rises tonight. During the April full moon tonight and early Tuesday, the moon will be about 222,064 miles (357,378 kilometers) away from Earth, that is about 8% closer than the distance of an average full moon (240,000 miles or 384,400 km). This fluctuation in the full moon's distance is caused by the fact that the moon's orbit around the Earth isn't perfectly circular but very slightly elliptical. If the full moon occurs closer to the perigee (the closest point to Earth on this slightly elliptical orbit), it can appear bigger than if it occurs closer to the apogee (the farthest point).


— Wow that is interesting. I also love how the picture looks like.

— I believe this was taken in Beijing, China.

— So I saw you're suppose go leave water out all night and then in the morning bring in your house and drink some, it's suppose to good luck. Idk. If it's true

— I dunno, I would not drink water that has been set out all night just because things can go in it (unless its a sealed thing you mean) but I have never heard of this, quite interesting.

— @icebergahead let me see if I can find it. Yes like a water bottle. It has to be covered

— I knew something was up. I noticed the moon looked huge and very close to earth at 5am