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I almost fell for a usps scam, but I won’t lie this looks t…

I almost fell for a usps scam, but I won’t lie this looks too legit 🤔but everything that threw me off was 1. I didn’t order anything that would go through usps and 2. It’s Sunday they don’t deliver mail on Sunday. At first I thought it was my sister in law that I knew she is planning on sending something and I was about to email her but realized she doesn’t know my email address lol... this is a scam it has to be, it took me to the official usps website and everything but when I copy and pasted the “tracking” number it says it doesn’t exist nothing is attached to that number.

Be on the look out these scammers are getting craftier.


— Who falls for that lol if you didn’t order anything and it’s not on your doorstep

— I don’t but sleep deprived me had to think twice about it lol.

— When in doubt never ever ever click on any links in an email. They can be imbedded with viruses that steal your passwords. I also always check the from email address, does it look legit? If so then I go on the website myself and put my info in, in your case a tracking number and see what’s up.

— I do the same thing and when I google the email it took me straight to the main usps website. But the tracking number info doesn’t match the email.

— Some do deliver on Sundays, it is odd but it is not mail, more like packages.

— Scammers are definitely getting better.

USPS does deliver in Sunday. At least in my area they do packages, not regular mail.

— Some usps delivers on Sunday. I actually saw them out delivering today in town.