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What more can I do to get my 1 year old to start walking? H…

What more can I do to get my 1 year old to start walking? He he has a push walker but when he walks with it and bumps into something he just sits down and doesn’t get back up. I’ve tried to making a big deal out of him walking, telling him yay, big boy, you can do it etc...When the walker bumps into something and he sits back down I encourage him to get back up&keep going but he kind of just stares at it, so I move the walker back into position where he can just push it. I also want to add that he will walk along side the couch/table placing his hands on each to move around....My oldest was already walking by this age so I’m kind of nervous, especially since his doctor said if he wasn’t walking by his next check up, which is in a few weeks she would refer me to somebody who’d come to my home to work with him 😕 I feel like I’m failing as a parent!


— Up to 18 months is normal, I’m surprised the Dr even expressed concern. It just crazy how development can vary. One of my friends had a kid who walked at 9 months and the other was like 16 months. Both perfectly healthy kids. They now wonder if it was a personality thing lol. The late Walker has a “I’ll do it when I’m ready attitude”.

— All of you ladies are sweet, it makes me feel better to hear all your opinions and when your littles started walking. I’ll just continue to practice, encourage him and not stress about it so much 🙂

— The doctor is kinda wrong on referring you somewhere, 😳 way to soon. My daughter didn't start walking until 15 months. Every baby is different. I'm pretty sure the normal range is within 18 months. I wouldn't worry about it momma.

— My mother told me once that I started walking at 14mnths, hopefully your baby will walk soon. Try not to stress, although we are moms and that is what we do.

— I’m pretty sure up to 18 months is still considered within the normal range

— You're not failing. Kids have different personalities and it can show in their milestones. Nbd. My oldest took his first steps at 11 months, fell once, then pretty much gave up on walking independently lol.
Kid was stubbourn and had a clear preference in how he would walk, and that was by holding onto the edge of furniture or a walker. He finally gained the confidence to walk independently when he was about 13/14 months.

— You’re not failing!
My oldest walked by 1 year. My youngest didn’t start walking until 15 months, so I felt the same as you’re feeling. But don’t worry - within a blink of an eye, he will be running.

— My son was 14 months before he took first steps. Your not failing some kids take longer and that's awesome your sons doctor will refer you to get him more help if needed.

— My youngest didn’t start walking until a year and a half. Some kids start later.