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Think it's so sad the position some dads are in regards to …

Think it's so sad the position some dads are in regards to trying to get contact with their children. We spoke to a solicitor and got told that we could pay £1000's to take my partners ex girlfriend to court for her to still slam the door in his face and all he could do would be to take her back to court.
I also have a friend on my Facebook in the same situation and he puts up updates about the fact hes spent over £26,000 on court fees and took his ex to court three times and she still refuses contact.
Not to mention the fact the mother has to pay nothing.
I honestly think unless a mother has a hell of a good reason like violence etc they should be prosecuted for not allowing contact.
(I'm obviously not talking about the deadbeat dads that haven't bothered for years but the ones that have been constantly battling to see their child should have more behind them to help them.)


— So she dosent want him seeing him but is happy to take his money 🤔🙄 hacks me off that! If these men are so shit and you don't want them round your kids, dont ask anything from them, cut ties completely!

if he's not violent and has been trying for contact, and paying for them I can't see why courts would say no 🤷🏼‍♀️ xx

— Exactly!! That's what I always said, i bet aswell she sold those christmas presents and spent the money on herself out of spite.
She claimed he was violent during their relationship but there was no evidence, hes never been violent to me and I've been with him nearly 5 years. Shes currently doing the same thing to the bloke shes with now, word is she had the police round her house the other night cause he was being "violent" which I highly doubt. Annoys me so much that these women get away with all this crap just because they're women. Xx

— Oh wow! What a complete arsehole she is! Shit like this infuriates me!🤬xxx

— I know! Actually makes my blood boil as she goes around telling people that my partner doesnt bother anymore and is a shit dad. Why do you think that is 🤦‍♀️ she made it practically impossible xxx

— The only way she would get legal aid is if she claims she was a victim of domestic violence.
We're in the exact same position with my partners kids. We've been to court, she's refused mediation and we can't afford to take her back to court again. She gets all of her fees free as she claims he was abusive throughout their relationship. We got a copy of her statement and it was actually ridiculous, she was claiming my partner would demand branded T-shirts every week and if she didn't he would batter her

— 😂😂😂 yeah weve had that aswell, claimed he was violent during their relationship. My partner has never laid a finger on me and I've been told by a mutual friend shes cried rape, violence and all sorts on her new current boyfriend. Never met a girl so vile! Xx

— And selling Christmas presents my partner bought his son 🙄

— What a cunt.

— @ezchaz honestly never wished bad on someone so much in my life! He paid her nearly £3000 in maintenance in 6 months Xx

— To put this perspective a bit, a lovely text to my partner off his ex girlfriend a while ago. Just to show the lovely sort of person we are dealing with 😩

— I had to pay my court fees. Cost me thousands and he still can’t be arsed to see him

— Really?! We got told she wouldn't have to pay anything even if we took her to court. As I said though I'm not on about the crap dads that cant be arsed I know theres a lot of them. 🙄 xx

— @kelsey234, I think there are certain circumstances you don’t have to pay but I think if she has a solicitor she will have to pay for them.
Some men are dicks and can’t be arsed and then you have decent dads being denied access because of bitter women!

— Definitely! More needs to be done for the dads that are actually trying. They are only young once and this time with their dad is sooo important!

— Exactly! It's so sad! No wonder fathers give up it seems legally mothers have all the power 😩 xx