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Need some advice, any one lost any amniotic fluid? If so wa…

Need some advice, any one lost any amniotic fluid? If so was it yellow/greenish colour if you were a pad? I had my sweep 2 days ago started of yellow, then today it's been a greenish/ yellow colour and I can feel it when it comes out no other symptoms I am going to mention this tomorrow at the hospital just want to no if any one else has experienced this, I'm 37weeks+5


— Sorry everyone for being quite got checked out sent me home back in getting checked again little mans been quite still got the green/yellow discharge just being.told to walk around and.go back for another tracing of his heart, I feel like no one is.listening my anxiety is through the roof, I've.done nothing but cry and just feel like I'm not being heard. Thankyou everyone though for asking how we r xxx

— I'm glad you're both okay!
Just take it easy hun. I know its really hard the last few weeks especially with spd. Your little man will soon be in your arms! You're getting induced very soon! 💕

— @zainab.1995 thankyou 4 your kind words means alot, I no he will be, just feel mentally and physically drained now :( but thankyou xxx

— I hope the both of you are ok xx

— Get checked asap baby may of had a 💩 xx let us know how you getting on xx

— You should get checked now hun xx

— Is everything ok?x

— Yes, get checked, I was induced after this happened! Good luck xx

— As above I'd get checked right away xx

— Ok thankyou everyone just I had.my waters broke with my lg, so this is all new to me will ring them now and see what they say. Xx

— Good luck, let us know 🤞🏻 xx

— @toni_mcentee thankyou and will do. Xx

— Good luck hun xx

— Go in now hun, could be that baby has pooed inside you!! Which means baby needs to come out ASAP so you both can have antibiotics waters should be clear!

— I'd get checked hun. Usually green in amniotic fluid means baby is in distress. Just to be sure and safe xx

— If it’s your waters & its green or yellow it’s a sign baby has pooed inside of you, contact midwife asap as it is dangerous for baby x

— Can you just loose little bits of your waters I spoke 2 doctors this afternoon and they said if it continues to contact midwife over weekend, but I'm seeing them any way tomorrow as they want another tracing of his heart done. Xx

— @becijayne944 please don't wait until Tomorrow. Go in now xx

— @becijayne944, your waters can go slowly, but I wouldn’t risk waiting until tomorrow because if it is baby’s poo it can cause serious infections xx