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Had a sweep today, at 37 weeks + 3, did anyone else and did…

Had a sweep today, at 37 weeks + 3, did anyone else and did it work 2nd baby


— Sweeps never worked with me but I know walking for along time brings baby on quick it did with my 2nd x

— I had swelling all over my body I was diagnosed with polyhyramnois but was only picked up during labour I even had growth scans which missed it, however I didn't have a sweep with my 1st but went 2 days early and I was 10 days late with my second but it definitely worked he was not shifting atal I had it that night I starting losing my plug the next morning my show was there then the following morning he was born, it wont be much longer and it will all be over try and enjoy the last although I know it's so painful xx

— My sweep kind of worked but I was already 6 days overdue when I had it, had my show that night, waters went the following night, induction the night after that and he was born the following morning. (3 days after my sweep)

— From 37+2 I had 4 sweeps. None worked! Fingers crossed for you!

— Bounce on a ball if you have one. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 🤞🏼xx

— I've just got one today, going to give it ago, xx

— I had a sweep with my 2nd baby and was in labour an hour later 😀

— Oh wow that happened quickly 🤣🤣 xx

— @becijayne944, yeah I wasn’t even sure if I was in labour or the pains where from the sweep, got to hospital and was 5cm 😂 good luck xx

— @jennyrodd88 I've had horrific shooting pains down below a d cramp since having it done its eased since then may to a couple of laps running up a d down the stairs see if.it helps. Xx

— With my 3rd it failed first 2 times. Third time lucky it was! I dont know whether it was the sweep but he was well overdue ! Fingers crossed for u xx

— Thankyou fingers crossed it works. Xx

— How did you manage to get that done hun?my midwife wont entertain the idea till im over due,i did have a examination this morning tho as been having contractions all night and only 1cm dilated x

— I'm getting induced at 39 weeks due to spd, I've been in hospital this morning due to swelling of hands feet and face and reduced fetal movements so they offered me a sweep to try and bring labour on naturally as I'm in loads of pain due to the spd but they wont bring my induction date forward, xx

— @becijayne944 aaaahhh right,aww bless ya hope your ok,my feet are swollen but she just looked at me like i was daft and said its normal,hope everything goes well for you hun,keep us updated wont ya,want to see if it works,im at midwifes on friday if not had my little boy by then so will see if she will do me one then il tell her il be her best mate lol x

— @maciverjody aww bless you you high risk in this pregnancy or has everything been ok? Fingers crossed she listens to you, I will keep you updated hope everything works out for you to babe.zz