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Please somebody make it acceptable to put the Christmas tre…

Please somebody make it acceptable to put the Christmas trees up now 🥺 this cold weather has me stoked for all the festivities, warm house, blankets, hot chocolate, twinkling lights, Christmas songs blasting out 🙌🙌🙌


— Do it do it.. Mines going up soon, something to look forward to

— We’ve started making Xmas crafts with the children at nursery. Christmas music will start 6th Nov i imagine (day after bonfire night).
Tree has to wait till 1st dec or in fed up of it by Xmas day

— Me and Charlie made some autumn crafts (sticking leaves to glass jars, glittering pine cones and what not) but no Christmas crafts yet. I get fed up of the tree too but I just want it to hurry 😂

— No! Haha. I love Christmas but if it starts too early everyone's bored of it by the time 25th actually gets here 😂

— I do agree! Last year was the earliest I've ever put the tree up (early November) and honestly but the time Christmas came I couldn't wait to pack it away. Got fed up of constantly picking baubles up and putting them back on the tree 😂

— Nooo 😂the day after Halloween at least! The hot chocolate can start yesterday though 😂xx

— Hot chocolate started weeks ago for me 😂 we're doing a sweet hunt and Halloween buffet since trick or treating is out of the question 🙄

— @jo.wilcox same here Its what I do when the kids are asleep to chill out 😂the little things!
That sounds pretty fun to be honest. I think we might make toffee apples or chocolate coated apples and a "scary" film lol. X

— I know a few that have theirs up, I say go for it! 😀 x

— I think it would get on my nerves by the time Christmas actually came 😂