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So my MIL calls tells me FIL is going to quit smoking and w…

So my MIL calls tells me FIL is going to quit smoking and wants me and Kenny to quit because he cant be around us smoking if hes quitting.... which is great hes quittin hope he can go thru with it but someone else shouldn't have to change something just because someone else is doing it. i don't mind not smoking around him but we have to want to quit not be told oh hes doing it so y'all have to too. Ive smoked over 10 years it helped with my anxiety i get thats not an excuse nor is it a good habit to have but its also something you cant just say "oh y'all gotta quit too" and it happen


— Maybe look at it as an opportunity to quit a bad habit. It's not the worst suggestion in the world.
And this is coming from a former smoker.
It's definitely not a polite way of getting someone to quit, but they're basically saying, "if he has to get healthy, then you have to get healthy, too."
Again, not the worst suggestion in the world.
But if the bottom line here is that you dont want to quit, maybe play along for now, dont smoke around him, but dont let him know you still smoke that way he feels like he's not the only one facing such a huge task.
It's very possible that he feels more capable doing this when his loved ones are going through the same challenges.

— Lmao that would piss me off into smoking more around them

— I was like 🤨 im 24 years old and you're telling me I HAVE to quit because your husband is uhm nope

— @beautiful_disaster, I’d be like well I’m going a diet so ya’ll have to now because “I cant be around” junk food. 😒

— @sourpatchkid, right or we aren't gambling anymore so she has to stop going to the casino

— I agree with you! There’s a difference in respecting someone and not doing it around them but you both shouldnt have to quit if it’s not what you are wanting to do.

— Like i told Kenny thats like one of saying we aren't gambling anymore and telling her not to go to the casino anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️