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Ladies, I need help!! My sons speech therapist came in cont…

Ladies, I need help!! My sons speech therapist came in contact with someone who had covid 19 and was asked to self quarentine and get tested. My son sessions were cancelled for 2 weeks and i was not notified of possible exposure. They said and I quote: Shes not sick tho, she has no symptoms. Regardless I felt as a safety precaution parents should have been notified! The supervisor was the only understanding one and answered all my questions without being rude.. I am so pissed because regardless I felt I should of been notified so I could take the right precautions for my family. I will add the screenshots on the comment sections as I did leave a review on their fb page.


— Did your son see his therapist after her secondhand exposure? Or are you upset that the sessions were cancelled and you weren’t told? I can’t tell from what you’ve shared if you guys saw the therapist, maybe I skipped over a ss though.

— Maybe I missed something but I feel like they did things correctly. Maybe they waited too long to let ppl know but honestly if precautions are being taken and ppl in her family and the therapist got tested. The kid's family all came up negative no need to freak ppl out on the therapist test results.

The therapist could have easily not gotten it from the kid's family, gone to the grocery store, become a carrier and exposed your family and the best thing to do is take precautions. They should have a cleaning routine, that would have been my first question. If it's being done and correctly and if you don't know what they are doing to perfect your family, you should ask.

— Gosh, if speech therapy didn't require a strong bond for most, I'd say move to another business. Regardless of if the child or the teacher tested negative, there is a strong possibility the parent before they were aware they were positive could've passed it. The child also could've been positive prior without their knowledge. They should sent out a mass email regarding the situation the moment they were made aware.

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— It’s pretty upsetting how everything is being handled. At first if someone came in contact with someone who tested positive they were notified and quarantined . Now it’s kinda like a secret and everyone is kept in the dark . My daughter works at target and multiple people at her job have tested positive. They aren’t allowed to say who, just that someone they’ve worked with is positive. The employees are still required to work . It’s putting us (families) at risk .

— I agree. See I didnt need all the information of who was sick outside of the office because I understand that's private. I just wanted them to notify me of possible exposure, so I as a parent was aware of it...and could take the right precautions and made decisions for my family. But they decided what was best for me! Its upsetting

— @lezlie527, I completely agree with you ! My son attends speech therapy too . I’d be livid .





— I would absolutely bring up the fact that asymptomatic people can still spread it. She could still have it even if “she’s not sick”. You have every right to be pissed.

— I did and their answers still dont change. And just today told me the tested negative.. all I asked was to be informed: a simple your sons teacher could have possible came in contact with someone you has covid-19. Were taking all the right precaution to ensure the safety of your child as well as our staff. How hard is that.. so unprofessional!! and had to nerve to say if you please contact you MD to be transferred if you dont want to return. Take care!! It took everything in me to not cuss them out!!

— Sorry ladies I'm trying to show you the screen shots. But not sure what order their in.. I'll just post them on my page


— I feel like people are just like we’re all gonna get it 🙄🙄 it’s just covid 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 attitude.

— I agree! I feel they dont care because at the end of the day its not their child, not their family.

— 😳 w.t.f?! Oh hell no

— Exactly how I felt. They weren't sure and I get it. But I still feel they should of informed the parents. Not wait until results came back, even tho they did come back negative. Why not just send out something saying a teacher came in contact with someone and their taking the right precautions to make sure your child is safe.. just letting us know about possible exposure. I'm livid