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Almost 20 weeks and still haven’t been to a doctor!

Almost 20 weeks and still haven’t been to a doctor!


— Girl I didnt go to an OB until I was 30 weeks with my daughter. Medicaid was giving me a run around. Made me turn in the same papers 5 times saying they never got them when I hand delivered them to the DES office 3 times! I paid for 2 ultrasounds and an anatomy scan from a private ultrasound place so they could have everything they needed to see whenever I did get to see an OB. I'm lucky none of my pregnancies have had complications or anything, she was a perfect healthy baby girl. ❤

— @aaliyah.nikki, also I should add that I did try to make an appointment before my husband’s insurance ran out but they told me to cancel it due to the fact I was needing to apply for Medicaid. So I had to cancel my first appointment. I also just got a call back from my doctor saying that since Medicaid is the only insurance I have they will accept me and I have an appointment next Thursday. Now I just have to find someone to keep all my kiddos so I can go to the doctor.

— I'd be so anxious, lol, can't imagine going that long without seeing baby, but then it's half the pregnancy over with, so yay! I hope all is well

— I have been to a Sono gram place twice so I have been able to see him and my hubby said I can go again tomorrow so that will be the third time I will have seen him. Just ready to make sure that everything is ok.

— You had an ultrasound but haven’t seen a doctor? Midwife?

— Yes there is a place close to where I live that does sonograms I have been there twice.

— Any reason why?

— See above. I posted a long comment.

— I wouldn’t say that on here they might bash you and say your a bad mother

— My hubby lost his job so we have been without insurance. I applied for Medicaid in May and still and yet to hear anything back. I called and they said the system deleted my application so last night I re applied and finally got approved this morning. I have called the doc and now I am waiting on a call back. Not like I haven’t been doing anything to get on insurance. I can’t qualify for private insurance since I am already pregnant it’s a Pre existing condition so I can only get Medicaid and it’s been a pain in the ass.

— @breee87, I missed half my pregnancy check ups due to my husband changing jobs and loss of insurance. I didn’t get insurance back until a month before the baby was born. Appointments are hella expensive.