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Y’all I’m about to be having a c-section to give birth to m…

Y’all I’m about to be having a c-section to give birth to my son the end of this week beginning of next week and I haven’t had a baby shower or maternity photo shoot because I don’t want my kids around a lot of people and I don’t want to be around a lot of people due to this COVID-19! I’m beyond stressed and depressed because we barely have anything for this baby boy and my husband has been out of work due the virus situation at his job. 🥺 I just want to cry 😢


— You can give us your registry info and we could buy something off it, just a suggestion

— Try not to stress too much babies don't need much, diapers and food! Maybe check out a thrift store and buy some onsies. Hospital or your doctor may have some resources, ask them!!

— Try downloading the 211 info app, you may be able to find some resources to help get stuff on there.

— Okay, I’ll try that!

— You guys could’ve set up a Registry and sent that out. And said due to the virus there wont be a baby shower, but you’d still like some help if they could help.

— Even white my other two kids and I done a registry with a baby shower no one went off it. I also don’t have a way to send anyone any information. Me and my husband don’t have any social media accounts no more due to us working on us. We have so much going on on both sides our family that no one seems to want to help

— @meganreid121915, im sorry that sucks. Would a quick text to everyone work?