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When I first joined the app, having Lady G as my profile pi…

When I first joined the app, having Lady G as my profile picture caused such great unrest amongst a couple people, smh, and I was regarded as fake... or a fake profile, idk, idc.

I wondered if I was expected to change the profile pic to appease the self declared "keepers/guardians" of the app that bombarded me at the front gate and tried, it seemed, to impede my arrival. I decided I wouldn't, cuz people on the internet don't drive fear into my heart with all their typing.

I have however decided to change my profile picture because of views I may hold, and have no problem expressing, and I don't want people to believe that the face in the picture is responsible for the words from the username. And something about respect due to all of the aforementioned.

Anyway, that is all, carry on.


— @thatregalmujer, thanks for the info, I gotta check her out. 😃

— I thought that was you in the profile before. You just made me learn about Lady G. I didn’t hear about her before until now. I’m sorry people were like that to you. I probably wasn’t on during that time when you joined the app.

— She an artiste from a small island, and I was surprised that she was known.

— Thanks for braving through that first wave, because I really appreciate being able to touch base with you and hear your perspective.

— I'm def blessed to be here!