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So so confused. Ok so I’m going to make this as short as po…

So so confused. Ok so I’m going to make this as short as possible & I’d love any feedback.
My period started the 16th of last month. I got a positive pregnancy test over a week ago, clear as day BRIGHT as day😅 Went to go get an ultrasound yesterday and to confirm the pregnancy. Today I would be exactly 5 weeks pregnant. They did TWO urine tests, both positive. But then, they did a vaginal ultrasound AND regular ultrasound, no sac or fetus was visible. It was explained to me that I could be experiencing a chemical pregnancy/miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy but couldn’t rule out exactly what’s happening (it was at a pregnancy center not my OB) so today I’m going to the hospital which is the LAST PLACE I want to go right now, my OB can’t get me in asap. I’m having every single pregnancy sign from nausea to milky discharge, cramps, horrible lower back ache to breaking out. I’m not bleeding at all & the last time I had a miscarriage it was very obvious I was having one because I bled very heavily. I just want to know if anyone has experienced something like this and could give me some feedback😩 My mind is just all over the place and I’m not excited to be seen in the emergency room today.


— At 5 weeks they would not be able to see a fetal pole or sac. My last pregnancy I basically went through the same thing of them telling me it could be in my tubes and I went weekly for an ultrasound and eventually we saw my babe and heartbeat. I had early ultrasounds with all 3 of my kids and it played at the same with all 3 were it was too early to see anything, I was told it could be a miscarriage or in my tubes and I had to do repeat labs to see rising hcg levels. My last babe took longer to see on ultrasound and I was having really bad left pains in my ovary but that’s because my ovary was going behind my uterus. When they did your ultrasound at the center what they saw was normal for 5 weeks. Call your ob and let them monitor you with ultrasound if that’s the step they want to take. They might tell you to come in around 7 weeks for an ultrasound and to monitor any issues.

— They were able to diagnose both of my ectopics with an early on ultrasound. So they should of been able to see a deformity in a tube or something indicating that things weren’t how they should be.
Ectopics are dangerous, so I would definitely go if it were me. But I’d go to my OB, not the ER. Call your OB & tell them what the center had told you & that it’s a possible ectopic. They should find a time to take you in immediately. Mine always has without hesitation.

— Good luck momma! I know how you feel with mixed emotions and not sure what's happening. If you are 5 weeks, it's still early for an ultrasound. I would ask to repeat the ultrasound in a week and get bloodwork done to check your hcg levels. If they go up in 2 days then everything should be fine and your early. Wish you all the best!

— I would have them check your hcg levels to see if they a re w going up. You could be 4 weeks, which you would get a positive test but nothing will show up on the ultrasound until closer to 6 weeks.

— It may be to early to see anything. Did they do a blood test to check your levels?

— Okay let me be more clear lol the pregnancy center WANTS me to follow up with the ER or my OB ASAP bc they strongly think it’s an ectopic pregnancy. I’m not going to the ER just for the fun of it, they are concerned. Pregnancy center is not able to run certain tests to see what is going on exactly.
@thatregalmujer, @cfjones913, obviously the last place I want to be is in the hospital. If it’s an ectopic pregnancy I’m not going to chance my tube bursting just because I’m scared to go to the hospital.. I think that’s a little ridiculous.

— Ok, your first version sounded like you were planning on going the er all on your own due to not seeing the gestational sac on the ultrasound. I wanted to ask, and forgot, what made you go get seen at 5 weeks? Also, did the pregnancy center do blood test for hcg? I'm not entirely sure what they do at a pregnancy center, so I'm wondering if a blood test is not something that can be done there.
For me, I've only gone to the dr to confirm pregnancy at 8 weeks, lol, cuz I was advised by a lot of women that I'm suppose to go at 8 weeks 🤷🏿‍♀️ I did what they told me, lol

— @thatregalmujer, Yeah I’ve gone through 5 miscarriages, 7 pregnancies. So it’s easily possible that I’m experiencing a complication. It’s just not making sense to me because I’m not bleeding and I’m feeling every single symptom of pregnancy. Which makes me believe I am going through an ectopic. They couldn’t go any further once they ruled out they couldn’t see a sac or baby. I forsure started my period on the 15th of last month, so how far I am isnt wrong. I just want to figure out what the hell is going on, it’s stressing me out😩

— @oxmegrdxo it seems like it would make more sense for them to do the blood test and check the hcg if they were concerned about ectopic, because there's no sac and they had 2 positive pregnancy tests. I'm mad for you, lol, cuz they left you thinking you're having an ectopic pregnancy, smh.

Maybe they don't have the equipment or knowledge to detect an ectopic? Weird, cuz with a name like pregnancy center, they should be experts in all thing pregnancy, lol.

This is a tough call though, cuz let's say you are having an ectopic pregnancy and it gets missed and ruputures, you'll end up in the hospital for a much longer time in the long run. When's the quickest your ob can see you? I'd call and explain everything to my ob office first, about the positive tests, no sac and what the pregnancy center said. Then make my decision based on that.

— What do you hope for them to do at the er? Do you think that the pregnancy center didn't do something right? I would just wait a few more weeks, or get in with my ob when they can fit me in. I would continue on as though I'm pregnant, no drinking, smoking, etc.
Especially in this time, I'd stay out the emergency room.

— I think it could be too early and I would not go to the ER.