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Daughter started putting her hands on her throat and pushin…

Daughter started putting her hands on her throat and pushing to cut off breathing. I have caught her doing this 3 times. She is almost 3. I have tried finding answers online and come up empty handed. I feel some of it is for attention. So I try not to make a huge deal. And just say stop. That’s not funny. Ouch. And remove her hands. (She likes to do it when sitting at a table or somewhere she can prop her elbows then push her head and neck down if that makes sense)

Any other moms have their kids do this? Is this a phase? I’m so lost why she would do this.


— I feel like she may have seen this on YouTube. One day my daughter was watching YouTube and it was a cartoon on that was doing weird stuff like that so I stopped her from watching YouTube and downloaded YouTube kids.

— @tiera_shaye, @massgirl,
My daughter also has speech delay but she’s always been very in tune with her emotions.
But I totally understand where your coming from @massgirl,

— That's awesome. As a speech pathologist I don't see that very often especially when children that young

— @massgirl, yeah her speech teacher said the same thing!

— My oldest did crap like that and she would slam her head off stuff I just ignored it she would quit eventually

— I would sit next to her and talk.
“ do you know why you are trying to hurt yourself?
“Do you feel sad/happy when you do this?
“That hurts, can we please not do that again.
Can we do .... instead of hurting ourselves
My daughter used to stick her whole hand in her mouth to choke herself

— A child this young can't really sufficiently answer why they're doing it. More than likely they don't even know and if they do they can't put it into words

— We delt with that as well about a year ago when she was mad. I wish I could ask her why but she has a speech delay and doesn’t understand emotions quite yet. So I just try to make it as simple as I can.

I just remove her hands and say no. Ouch. We don’t do that. (I think she understands more than she leads on, she is more so just stubborn and doesn’t care to communicate lol)

— @tiera_shaye my daughter was the same way. She understood everything. She just had an expression delay because she had bad ear infections that made her lose part of her hearing for some time

— Yep. It's totally a phase and like you said she's doing it for attention. My daughter used to pinch herself or bang her head. Sometimes it was from being frustrated (she had a speech delay) but most of the time she just wanted my attention. Try redirecting her. That's what I found was the best way to stop the behavior. I would offer another activity or sit down and sing or read with her when she was self-harming and the behavior stopped after a few months

— That’s helps. Yeah my daughter has a speech delay as well. She just recently really started talking. We have a lot of improvement to do but she is finally communicating her needs with 1-2 words and an occasional small sentence.

— @tiera_shaye definitely try redirecting then since she has a delay. It really could be that she's frustrated but it sounds like she wants some extra attention and she knows you respond. Just remember to stay calm and don't overreact because she's probably not doing it hard enough to actually make herself pass out

— @massgirl, thank you!