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I can’t with my sister in law. She’s actually crazy. You re…

I can’t with my sister in law. She’s actually crazy. You really can’t understand why you didn’t get a response?? Maybe because the email you sent is full of spelling errors, curse words and stupidity.


— Yuck, I'd hate to have someone like that in the family. My condolences lol. I totally get why you'd just unfollow her. This is the kind of stuff that would also keep me entertained during quarantine.

— I’m sorry you have to deal with her! Can you block her posts somehow?

— I can unfollow her without in friending her but then what would my friends and I laugh at 😂😂

— Your sister-in-law and @kush_queen420 should get together and have a meeting of the minds..lol 🙄

— Haha yes!! These whack jobs belong together! 🤪

— @scruffy.nerf.herder yeah it would be like a MENSA meeting but with stupid people

— Damn yes I’m sure she’s not the only one not getting responses at this time. As if they aren’t getting a million emails a day about this stupid shit. Gotta love how people think it’s a government conspiracy as if the government wanted to shut down countries right? crazy

— Oh wow. She definitely sounds like she has lost it. Is she a medical professional or something?

— @maddoxsmama omg 😂😂💀...I thought you were at least going to say a nurse lol...no wonder she didn't get a response 😂🤦

— @massgirl, she’s literally told me that doctors are useless and she can fix anything with massage. Like okay..you gonna massage cancer out of people? And fix hearts and other issues?

— @maddoxsmama omg I cannot 🤣🤣🤣...thanks for making my morning