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I have been going all day! Been cleaning and washing clothe…

I have been going all day! Been cleaning and washing clothes. Dropped the kids off at the in laws they were just super fussy today and so me and my husband took them to his side of the family for the day to get a break from kids. They enjoyed their time over there with their cousins skye and Kimora. After we dropped them off me and hubby went to o’charlys for a lunch date because it’s has been months since we done anything together. After we ate we came home and finished the house and than went back to the in-laws to pick up our son, our daughter wasn’t ready to come home so my mother in law kept her until she took skye home than brought her home afterwords. I’m just now getting done putting the clothes away, got their school clothes out for tomorrow, fed them, and have them a bath, now my daughter is in the bed, my son is in the other room with his dad watching him play the game and now I’m finally laying down watching “diners, drive-ins and dives”. Pretty soon hopefully I’ll be going to sleep lol.

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