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Ok Mamas. Trying to create a new routine, just looking for ideas....

What time do you wake up in the morning and how do you start your day?

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— 5:30. Start with hitting snooze 3x then hop in the shower in a panic. 😅

— That’s exactly how my morning goes too! Have to be in the shower before 6 so we’re not late for school & work, and it’s close some mornings!! Ever feel like you’ve run a marathon by the time you get to work? Cause I sure do! 😆

— I get out of bed anywhere from 6:20-6:30 at the very latest. Wake up make coffee take a shower right away. Then by 7am we are downstairs and making breakfast for the kids. My oldest leaves the house at 8:15am for the bus. Then, depending on the day, my younger son goes to school. We leave at 8:40am to drop him off. Then on Tuesday o go straight to the gym. We’d and Thursday, he’s in school also, and I’ll do errands, grocery shopping, target runs, clean etc. then I pick him up at 1pm then my other son gets off the bus at 3:30pm. We empty his school folder, do homework or just play for a little bit. Dinner is usually anywhere from 5:15-5:30pm then every other night they get baths then bed anywhere from 7-7:30pm depending on how much I need then to go to bed or not haha! It’s pretty much the same everyday! We’d I got to the gym as well but I go from 3-5:30pm and my dh takes care of the kids while I’m out.

— Im up at 6am and i want to start my morning with yoga but I end up playing on phone until the alarm to get my oldest ready for the bus goes off lol by 8am it’s time to get my six year old ready for school he gets in at 8:30, come home make breakfast for myself and my daughter and just chill. Wednesday is my laundry and the little one’s laundry day, Saturday is my oldest, i go to the gym. Mostly my days is just finding things to do around the house.

— I naturally wake up at 6:50...then I go back to sleep, hit snooze at 7, 7:05,7:10....and then I get up 😅 usually my husband is already up and the kids are with him. If they aren't, I boss T around to get ready for school while brushing my teeth. Take him to school, then back home to make a pot of coffee and make my bed while waiting for that.

— I’m awake between 5:30am - 6am I make a cup of coffee sit in the dark in the quiet and play on my phone whether it watch dr.phil or the news then once my kiddos are awake I start making my oldest breakfast and while that cooking I clean up the house and play my music 😌

— @ekko, @scruffy.nerf.herder, @ss3mom, @latina593, @bodybycheetos, @lovelymomma., Thank you all! I’ve been waking up at 7 but I really think I need to be getting up earlier.

— @rayofmysunshine, I don’t even need to set an alarm anymore during the week. I’m up around 6am every day but get out of bed around 6:20

— @ss3mom, I was a night owl until I had Bella. Lol I think I will always need an alarm

— @rayofmysunshine, then def set one but soon enough your body will be in tune with waking up that early and u won’t need to set one lol!