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what “grandparent names” did your kids grandparents pick? lmao. we’ve got a baba and deda, grandma and grandpa, and nana and papa.

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— We’ve got Mamaw/Papaw & Mimi/Poppy.

— We do too!

— Gigi/papa Abeula/abuelo

— Grandma and grandpa Granny and grandpa Barry Grandpa and grandma Karin ( my parents are divorced so we used my step mom and dads name so theirs no confusion

— My parents are GG and Papa, my in-laws are Mimi and Grandpa

— Nana and papa, nana and grumps, granddaddy and toy *Both of our moms were already grandmas before we met and had our daughter. We haven’t figured out a way to distinguish which nana is which besides always saying grandpas name too. 🤣

— Grammy and Pappy (in laws) Grammy/granny (my mom)

— Grammie and grampy and grandma and grandpa

— Titi, the kids call her grandma titi and it defeated the point 😅 Granny- for my granny because that's what everyone calls her Fufu for my dad because again, everyone calls him that. Everyone else is grandma (insert name here)

— My parents are Lovey (my mom) & Lolo (my dad) My inlaws....I call them Your Grandparents but they go by MomMom & PopPop.

— Gigi, Bubba, and Grammy. then it’s just pappy larry and pappy terry.

— My kids named their grandparents. Except the Great one and Meemaw was established. Nana & Grampy Granny & Grandfather Grandma & Grandpa Great grandma and Great grandpa Meemaw

— In laws are grandpa and grandma My parents wanted Nana and Papa

— Same

— Mama and Papa = my parents Nonna and Baba = my in laws

— Gigi and Papa

— We unfortunately have a "Moo Moo" 🤦🏻‍♀️ it actually didn't even come from the kids. Someone my mom is friends with made a joke about calling her moo because she didn't want to go by a typical grandma name (she's only 42 so she refuses to go by grandma) and my mom thought moo moo was cute. I literally cringe saying it around people who don't know the story behind it. 😩

— Gram & Papaw and Umma & Uppa

— My son calls them Mimi & pop pop

— My mom: mom mom His mom: maim His father: dad My father: pop pop

— My mom is Mimi My dad is grandpa My stepmom is grandma mary My husband's mom is grandma My husband's stepdad is grandpa David My husband's dad is papa My grandparents are grams and pops

— We have grandma, grandpa, nana and popop... raiden also has big papa (his moms dad) My nephews used to call my grandma (there great grandma) rockabye and gegema. My oldest nephew used gegema because he could say great grandma and my second nephew called her rockabye because she would rock him in her chair and say 'rockabye'

— We have a maw maw and papa, a mimi and poppy, a nana and a great papa