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My SO gets mad when I put on “Moana” for our son. He likes this movie ! What’s the big deal?

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— What’s wrong with moana?

— Idk he thinks it’s too girly I guess ? But I don’t think so.

— On top of that I caught him watching beauty and the beast multiple times and Cinderella . So why can’t our son watch Moana

— @jordandior, well I’d hope that wasn’t the reason. Cause if so your child will miss out on a lot of cool stuff

— My son loves Frozen lol

— There shouldn’t be a big deal your son is legit a baby still

— My mil feels some type of way when my son gets excited about a Frozen commercial. I told her to kick rocks with that shit.

— It’s girly lol 🤷🏼‍♀️

— Is it the movie or has it been on repeat?? If been played over and over I can understand 😂😂.

— It’s not a big deal at all it’s just a movie