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I've come to the realization that if I dont pump 2 oz off each side about every 6 hours then I'll be in pain and little man latches better when I'm not so full. Overproduction sucks.

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— Just offer ur breast to ur baby more

— I can offer the breast every 2 hours and I still get too full

— That’s great!!! just start or continue saving for a stash now because it will drop down a lil n a few weeks. Mine always did I try to have over 200oz saved by 6 week check up.

— Girl I know your pain!! My LO is 7 weeks and I have 574oz in my freezer 😱 we have to use a shield because my nipples play the peek-a-boo and my letdown is so forceful it practically drowns her without one

— I feel bad when my little chokes on my let down and it's still spraying him in the face when he has pulled away