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Help! My son just turned 2 and as of yesterday I decided no more bottle, I use to think he was grossed out by sippy cups turns out hes not.. he just refuses to drink from anything that's not his bottle. Well last night he cried himself to sleep no bottle I tried sippy, tried switching the nipple from a different brand to his avent bottle. He almost went for it until he put it in his mouth. I went to buy buy baby and bought him a avent sippy nipple that's soft. And that didnt work, the sippy also came with a regular nipple. So I gave in and gave it him, now hes refusing to take that too. He hasn't had anything to drink since last night, I'm getting worried. He doesnt want anything. Any suggestion please send them my way. Side note: I think he has sensory problems, and possible autism. He hasn't been diagnosed yet.

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— A regular cup or one with a straw. My son loves the bike soft spout sippy cup

— I tried it all! I bought countless sippy cups, the no spill 360 cup, soft straws, regular straws. And nothing he would gag! It turn away and make a face. I know he can drink because one day he was super tired and I have him a nubby sippy and he chugged it. Then again he was half asleep, he refused it when he woke up tho. Idk what to do at this point!