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Okay Momma’s, I need opinions! My oldest starts headstart tomorrow,but it’s not even half a day, only about 3hrs, but her first full day is next Tuesday. This may sound like the most ridiculous question... but WHAT day do I put her “first day outfit” on her & tak a picture with her “first day of Headstart” sign!? Her teacher even said that tomorrow doesn’t really count... but I mean, it is technically a first day?? HELP ME! 😩

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— I would do it tomorrow.

— I would save her really cute outfit for the first full day, but take pictures of her actually starting tomorrow with the sign because you can get the first day reactions on her real first day which is tomorrow. You can save those pictures for your own benefit and memories. But you can also get pictures of her on her first full day next Tuesday with the sign as well with her really cute outfit and those can be the pictures you post to social media. And say her first FULL day of head start. 🤷🏽‍♀️