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Holy crap my toddler is actually eating her dinner for once! Idk if she’s picky because of autism or if it’s just a 3 year old thing

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— 😂my son is picky too...when he eats noodles like spaghetti...i have to say its cheese...i made waffles last night and he wouldn't eatbit because he wanted pancakes, so i had to say they were square pancakes..and meat is automatically pepperoni to him😂 and hes stuck on only wanting chicken nuggets and fries

— Lol awe. My daughter just started talking this year because of her autism so she will usually just say no or done lol

— My kid is picky too.. even though he’s not 3.. & mot autistic it’s like food disgust him🤦🏽‍♀️

— My son is picky and also lazy to eat. He likes me to give him the entire meal bite by bite and it’s so frustrating bc if I don’t he will leave half of it.

— My daughter is extremely picky but not autistic so it might be a norm for some kids.