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I’d thought I’d share my labor story as many people have asked why I had to have an emergency c-section which doesn’t bother me telling anyone we all have might have to have one well maybe not all of us but yeah

So let’s start with Monday I had to have a growth scan and when I went he was measuring small and estimated weight was 4lb 11oz so had to go on the monitor for a bit and when the doctor came to see me she said that it’d be best to be induced to make sure he’s alright as no one knows if he had always been small or he’s being growing and stopped as I had moved to Manchester when I was 8 weeks and I had so much trouble getting referred to a hospital. They got a very quick appointment for the induced date which was Thursday, so it got to Thursday I was worrying but being happy to finally meet Leo so they when it happened I got put on the monitor and every time I got a contraction his heartbeat would go down so it got about 1am and they took me down to the birth center and they broke my waters in hope things would improve but it didn’t I was only 1cm dilated so they rushed me into theatre and had my section. I was very very scared at this point but I had many lovely and helpful people, It was very strange at first felt like they were rummaging but after I felt it the first time I was okay even if I was high off all the drugs 😂 best thing is dale arrived couple of seconds before Leo did and I didn’t even notice until I turned my head round and I was like “oh hi dale” so that’s my story glad it’s over but so glad Leo is here and doing absolutely amazing

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