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So I’m filing for sole custody with supervised visits. I’ve…

So I’m filing for sole custody with supervised visits. I’ve told my ex I am happy to meet him somewhere so he can spend time with our daughter and he is absolutely refusing. He is now screen shotting all our messages and only responding in a group message with my parents. I respond outside the group message, he screen shots and responds in a group message. How old are we again?


— He seems like a treat 😒 @ashleyshantel1 I read a couple posts back if yours and he didn't want to meet at your parents house but he wants to include them in a group text. Ugh, I hope you are able to enjoy your daughter and pregnancy still having to deal with him.

— Thanks ladies, he keeps saying he will not accept visiting her. And I know he wants her around his mom which is not okay unless I’m there. She has given his son nighttime medication on multiple occasions to make him nap or bc she couldn’t handle him and my ex has never said one word to her about it. Her safety comes first with me.

— And if he does get his daughter Im sure his mom will seize the opportunity to be there since you won't be around to tell her not to do a certain thing 🙄 he's super immature.. like become a man and then let's revisit custody arrangements.

— What are your parents supposed to do? Ground you? You’re an adult. 🙄

— You have done what you can, the ball is in his court now.

— If he is refusing to meet you somewhere to see her, then maybe he doesn't deserve to. Seems your trying