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hoarding Dh and I have been married for almost three years…


Dh and I have been married for almost three years and I never knew he was a hoarder, especially with sd's stuff. Since we're getting treatment for the bedbugs this week I've gone on a massive purge!! After we married and moved in together he only moved a few things in. Apparently he has boxes of stuff at his mom's. Ugh. Who's the hoarder in your relationship?


— Me with sentimental stuff which isn't too bad but my husband keeps every single cord to anything. It seriously drives me nuts!!! We don't have the items that the cords and wires go to anymore, throw it away!!!

— Neither of us are hoarders...Good cuz clutter makes me sick ugh !

— Thankfully, the both of us throw anything away that has become useless! I couldn't imagine living with a hoarder kind of person.. Good luck!

— My otherhalf is a massive hoarder. I managed to get a heap of s*** thrown out and donated. We got the garage organised with our pool table, bar and the motorbike he is redoing. Yayyy. For a month ?
The pool table is now covered and I've given up walking into the garage at all.
I've told him when we move he is going through it all. He has informed me we are buying a place with an extra shed for it. Urgh

— I has to smuggle out broken crayons today. We're getting ready for the steam treatment (all while battling mastitis). I usually sort and give stuff away. But I'm no chancing sending bed bugs to a new home. Ick!

— I'm a hoarders nightmare (that hoarder being my dh) I'll just throw away anything and everything that looks like it belongs in the trash.

— This entire nightmare has a silver lining: purge!!

— Sadly we both are ? I don't like to throw anything "meaningful" out and he just collects random crap. Our dining room is a clean version of hoarders. DS has so many toys and he knows when I try to take some away. I think my bad habits are rubbing off on him.