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I hate when people touch your stuff without asking! Had a b…

I hate when people touch your stuff without asking! Had a bag of newborn girl stuff I was selling and my mom throws the bag away! I felt so stupid when the lady came this morning for it. Dont touch stuff if it doesn't belong to you and dont go in my room! She assumed it was trash😒 $25 down the drain!


— @queenmee yeah well not always good to have her around

— @eryka616 right. If I had the money I would but its not that easy.

— @drewandvaehsmommy that is ridiculous..lol I'll never live anywhere I wouldnt be able to afford. You're lucky to have your mama...

— @eryka616 it's my opinion.I feel like if you're able to have kids..you should at least be able to provide for them. I forget it's okay to be 30 still living with parents....lol

— @drewandvaehsmommy, lol cause it's so easy to "just move out" my mom would bug the crap out of me when we lived with her I'm so glad to be free of her but guess what it never changes cause when she comes to my house she still touches my things lol

— @queenmee i dont work so I dont have money to get a place. I live in San Francisco also so even a small studio is 4500

— Parents have no chill when it comes to your own space in their house

— Move out.problem solved