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Went in for a job interview. Got the job. But no one believ…

Went in for a job interview. Got the job. But no one believes me I'll be 34weeks next Wednesday 😂am I that little?!?!?!


— @michellelee1510, amen to that 😂✋🏼

— @krispy1996, I know the feeling I went from an 8 to a 14 before I made the switch to straight stretchy bottoms lol. It's a good thing that all our weight is belly/baby only.

— @michellelee1510, I will. The nurses have told me that also. I just can't believe people think I'm so small lol. I feel like I've gained all the weight in the world bc I've always been that size 0 so going from 0 to size 5/6 is nuts. (I'm okay with my body don't get me wrong) just still a lot to take in

— I've had people, including nurses, tell me the same thing. That I'm so little or don't look as far as I am. Take it as a compliment.

— @tristynnashllynn, the lady goes I was sooooooooo much bigger than u by 30 weeks lol. And I'm like I don't even weigh 140 pounds lol. Pretty sure I blew everyone's minds 😂

— How can they not believe you with that beautiful baby bump?!