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Just looked at my boobs and ever since breastfeeding my lef…

Just looked at my boobs and ever since breastfeeding my left is bigger😣 Any other moms have this? Its making me veey insecure just how stupid and off they look.


— Your body is doing amazing work. What would it feel like to love and thank yourself instead of any negativity? And, for what it is worth, yes, my breasts aren't perfectly symmetrical - I believe the same is true for many body parts and for men and women. Plus one for being engorged with milk as another (additional) possibility. Big hugs to our wonderful bodies ladies!!!

— @noahs.mommy it gets full during the night. She latches fine when its full but it just squirts out everywhere lol its just constantly heavy even after i hand express

— I used to have to do self expression before breastfeeding with that side. He would either choke or couldn't latch because it was that full lol.@andrewsmommy

— @noahs.mommy @studio.ghibli.mom23 yeah it's always full. So much that nevaeh chokes on my letdown. I want them even lol it just looks gross I dont even want my babydaddy to touch or look at them

— My left one is always bulging

— It might just be fuller than the right. I had the same problem, so i tried to breast feed more on my left boob and they eventually evened out. @andrewsmommy

— All body parts are unequal.