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Kane'ohe, posts from the channel


How long did it take your nipples to stop hurting? I'm 10 days postpartum and they aren't cracked or bleeding, and we seem to have a good latch, but dang, they are tender.

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— They'll hurt for a while.... Medela makes breast shells, I loved those!! They're half a plastic cup and silicone on the other side and have little sponges to put in and catch leakage. Your nipples will be free and won't rub on bra and breast pad. They helped me out so much and relief pain

— Thank you! The breast pads (reusable) stick sometimes. 😕 @bri28

— about 2 weeks. I used lots of lansinoah and ice packs

— @beebaby, We are on day 12 and things are getting better. Thanks!