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At what age are babies supposed to be able to roll over and…

At what age are babies supposed to be able to roll over and hold binkies and bottles? My little one is a week old and refused to sleep on his back. He'll roll over on to his side and every time I roll him back he just rolls over again. Just wondering if all babies do this. Thanks 😃


— My girl could roll to her side after mere days earthside, and could also hold her head up with surprising strength right away! Rolling over as a mileston however means rolling from their back all the way over to their stomach, and vice versa from stomach over to their back, which is on average achieved around 5 months of age. My girl did both around 2 months, was sitting up at 4 months without support, crawling at 5 months, pulling to a stand at 6 and walking along furniture days after. She's about to turn 10 months tomorrow and although she has taken a few independent steps herself since before 9 months, she hasn't started walking fully yet....she takes a step or two without holding on once then NOTHIN for a while haha she is stubborn! Anyways my point is, if your kid is early on milestones prepare for lots of falls and bumps, and don't expect them to stay on a roll forever with being early, because they honestly do what they want when they want hahaha I learned that the hard way!

— My second did that! He hated sleeping on his back and would turn to his side