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ladys ai have a question. 3 more wks for my csection. is t…

ladys ai have a question. 3 more wks for my csection.
is their something i can drink to produce more milk. second baby n first time ibwant to breasfeed. n im scares i wont produce to kuch milk.
i dnt want to dissapoint my baby.


— Its good for 6-8 months in the freezer depending on how cold it gets, I never went past 6 months
If you put it in the fridge, its good gor a couple days

— @bobita1017, your milk is good for months when frozen

— pff sounds so hard ...

— ohhh ok i see .. so its only good for few days frozen .. ? @rachel8792

— I feel yah, its hard the first couple weeks since most babies take time to learn how to breastfeed. I bled for the first week because it was so new, and my nipples cracked. I cried, and wated to give up, but my grandma really helped me find ways to sooth it

— You freeze any oversupply, in the fridge breastmilk is only good for a few days. I froze and saved any oversupply milk for when I went back to work. You just melt it in warm water when you are ready to use :)

— so i have to freeze it ? n then wat, when im ready to use it ? @rachel8792

— im kinda nervous...

— This was the supply at 1 month, my grandma is a lactation specialist, and she really helped guide me through alot of it, otherwise I would have never made it past 2 weeks

— no prob, if you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime. I breastfed my son for 14 months, and then i got sick while pregnant again so it dried out, but I plan to do the same with the next baby

— thank u @rachel8792

— thank u

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— Its a supplement for breastfeeding. I honestly think the best way to start out is build your supply the natural way without supplements. Make sure you drink a gallon a day, and latch every opportunity, if you want to build a supply for later, then pump every 2 hours day and night, by my first month, I had 400 extra oz

— wats that?