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Ok don't kill me for the TMI. But 8 weeks. I used to have b…

Ok don't kill me for the TMI. But 8 weeks. I used to have bowel movements daily and I haven't had one in at least 5 days and my tummy always hurts and honestly I think I just made need to poop. What can I take without being harmful


— try probiotic gummies and don't take any laxatives... juices will help move it along but only if you drink them everyday

— Ok I will thank u I'll keep u guys posted @adaraa126

— seriously try benefiber...it has like no taste and you can mix it with water..or juice..i noticed a big difference after using it for a couple days

— Ok bc my tummy always hurts besides the horrible nausea and the fact that I barely can eat but I'm like maybe I just need to use it @adaraa126

— unfortunately constipation is all too common..especially in first trimester..i used benefiber and that really helped me

— Thanks ladies @yendor678 @jadestarlight

— I actually have the gummies and haven't taken them in a couple days bc of how sick I've felt. Progress is I finally ate something cereal and chicken nuggets. Bad news I went from 143 to 135

— prune juice, Apple juice, grapes. I have added activia to a part of my regular diet to keep things moving down there.

— It's probably your prenatal vitamins that are constipating you. Mine did the same thing. I take one every other day and I'm able to go more regularly.

— Miralax