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I just had another appointment with my midwife yesterday. I…

I just had another appointment with my midwife yesterday. I'm 15+4 weeks and she just weight me check blood pressure and table blood samples. she never ask for urine sample. visit last for 15 mins and I was kinda disappointed cos I read online they gonna check heartbeat of the baby. when I asked her she said the baby is too small and their machines are not that good to hear baby's HB in this stage. when did you got your first HB of your baby checked ??


— My midwife used the Doppler on me at 11wks but only cause I asked her. I bought a Doppler after that and I've heard the heart beat ever since then xxx

— My 16week appointment lasted literally 5mins, took a water sample and give me some vitamins! Everyone told me I'd listen to the heartbeat but then my friend said they didn't with her because she was chubby and it's harder to find x

— I got to hear baby's heartbeat today at 16 week appointment but second baby don't know if that makes difference xxx

— I asked her cos I'm reading loads of articles forums and books and most of woman's had it on 16 week app so when she said the baby is way too small to hear it was quite disappointing as I was really looking forward to it. so now I need to wait 5 weeks for my scan and I will ask them to show me heartbeat...

— at 16 week appt, i was 16+2 and requested to hear it 😊

— It definitely is not too soon heard both of mine at 13/14 weeks and I think she should definitely have asked for a wee sample as it needs to be checked regularly incase theres an infection xx

— thanks to all. I just wanted to be sure that everything is OK. And The midwife said if everything was OK on 12 weeks scan then it's OK now as well.

— Yeah, I had mine checked twice already (Doppler by both gynae and consultant), one at 15 weeks and another at 18 weeks. And next month I'm off to get a fetal heart scan to see if the baby's heart is alright cus my sister had a heart congenital. xx

— Some midwives don't check before 24 weeks incase they can't find it and panic you for no reason whereas, some will check. It just depends on the person you saw, 1st app with community midwife was 17+1 and she listened without me having to ask x

— I heard mine at 16 weeks by the midwife!!

— Apart from seeing it beating on the ultrasounds I never heard my baby's heartbeat until my 25 week appointment xx

— gosh I didn't have mine checked until I was 26 weeks pregnant hunny xxx

— I don't really know why I didn't have it... I'm really disappointed and the way visit went I just felt like I pull her from her break... 😟

— 16 weeks xx