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*LONG* Smh I hate getting dirty looks and hearing people t…

*LONG* Smh

I hate getting dirty looks and hearing people talk about me in public because of my looks... People get so shocked when I say I'm 18, I dress like an older women, I can tell I look older than my age but once I say the TEEN people like to judge 🙄
I went to Wallgreens today and a lady came up to me (she was at least in her late 30s) and asked how many months I am and I told her, then she asked was she my first, I told her "yes she's my first", then she said I hope you and your husband are excited. I looked at her and I was so confused and said "I'm not married" she looked shocked and then said "oh well your boyfriend then?" And I said no, I'm single, then she asked how old I was, I told her. She had this most disgusted look on her face like I was a foreign creature or something. Then she had the nerve to say "I'm sorry to be rude but young girls like you need to stay in school instead of opening your legs" 🙄🙄🙄 I put her in her place so fast, using all these big words to confuse and stump her after that, I could tell she was upset and then she had the nerve to walk off and mumble "angry n******, these days go find your baby daddy" I'm not the type to cry over something so rude, I would stand up for myself but once I got back in my car I just broke down, like why are there people that mean and rude in this world? I prayed for that lady. That was my first negative encounter with someone my whole pregnancy. It really hit home. I'm only 18 and I can see I have more common sense and respect than that, you're supposed to be an adult, not a child.


— @allyandbabies, smh I have no words anymore this world is just tiring @sparklymama by the best ❤️❤️❤️

— exactly!

— and you are 💝 @daij

— I know how you feel. I had Nolan at 18. And I'm turning 20 on the 20th and I'm having my second boy. When I filed my taxes this year the tax lady asked "can anyone else claim him(talking about their dad)" I said no. She said well does their dad even see him or take care of him? Like bihh that's none of your business I was heated

— @sparklymama, thank you ❤️❤️❤️ I love when you comment on my posts lol I feel so loved 😊

— @ashe, I'm going to teach my daughter a lot when she's growing and maturing @soon_2_be_mom_of_4 I was going to go off at the slur BUT my sanity kicked in and told me to stay calm, I would love to have a friend like you in that situation I was so confused... @jadestarlight and the lectures! Smh I haven't had one yet but I know one is coming 🙄🙄🙄 I'm not your child, you have no place to tell me how to live my life.

— if she only knew the woman you are @daij... I'm proud of you for being able to pray for her that took a lot of strength... chin up so your crown stays on your pretty head even if you have tears... once again you amaze me handling yourself with such grace 💁😘👑💝

— people are assholes. when people ask me about the husband I just smile and nod. I'm not your age but everyone seems to think I am. I get lectured and shit said to me. I just let them look like a jack ass.

— Sorry but that makes me so angry.

— That was so uncalled for, and to judge you with a racist slur. I do not understand why she had to being your race into, and say such a hurt thing. There is just as much young trashy white girls, that is more rudee and louder than that lady was to you. Man you should politely said," ma-am women like you, push me to succeed further then women in your day did."
You know what thought? You're an 18 year old woman, who was pregnant and walked the stage to graduate. When some people use that as an excuse to drop out. Also my friend stashia, was 18 pregnant and walked the stage. You know what? she had a career, about to be married, and she has another child. What she don't understand is alot can happen at 18. I joined the military at 17, and shipped off to bct at 18. I met my husband at 19 when I switched from cali to alabama, we got married I was 20 him 26. We are on our 4th child now, and at 26 years old. Also I had a older woman ask him was he the father of all the kids, and he just said," yeah of course."

Makes me so mad, when people can't keep their mouths shut. Then to call you the worse name in the book, I wish we was friends and I was there.

— unfortunately we live in a world where people are rude but you cant let them get to you you are doing a great job just by having your baby and deciding to stay in school dont let stupidity ruin your spirit your sweet baby deserves everything you have to offer and one day when he/she is older you can tell this story and yall can laugh together at the stupidity of this world and all the mean people in it and I had the exact same thing happen to me except im 32 and look 18 people are so quick to judge dont let them get under your skin

— @blessed2bemom, all you can do is shake your head and kept it pushing. @ashbabash18, I even got asked by a teacher at my school was I graduating 🙄 she had a weird look on her face too it's just sad. We can't win for losing.

— I used to work at Dicks sporting goods and I got pregnant at 20, I had to experience stuff like that all the time! It's awful you had to deal with such ignorance, I know it sucks. Before I was really showing (that awkward 'is she fat or pregnant' stage) I had a customer ask if I was chubby or pregnant, then I heard the baby having a baby comment all the time, one customer even said "you're awfully young, I bet the daddy isn't around" people can be awful!

— oh wow sorry u went thru that misery loves company u did right pray for those ignorant people. what people say dont pay ur bills or make u **** so f um@daij

— @vella89, it's sad, @cubanese right she didn't know that at all... I have a temper but you have to handle people like that differently 🙄 I couldn't even get mad I hair felt sorry for her.