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WHY does this little girl have to reject anything healthy f…

WHY does this little girl have to reject anything healthy for me and her!?
It's frustrating.
Drink milk, throw up.
Eat fruit, throw up.
Eat veggies, throw up.
But oh no, a big greasy hamburger says I'm good to go.
I thought babies were supposed to have healthy stuff... Geesh what is my babies problem? Lol.


— @hnm0807,

— 34wks, I've gain only 4lbs in 6wks so I don't really know what's gonna happen lol I just don't want an 8lbs baby to come out this cooch lol

— @tenecia, I ate like a hog with my first and she was 5 lbs. 15 oz. I honestly don't think that the eating habits factor in as much as they say they do. How far along are you?

— I've tried it all, she rejects everything healthy. I don't get it. With my first daughter she wanted nothing but milk, juice, fruits, and pancakes lol. But with this one it's just fatty meats, soda, any kind of junk food. It grosses me out how unhealthy I'm eating but eating something is better than throwing everything up, right?

— hush but thank God you got an petition, I can't eat anything at all really sometimes all i eat is like a piece of chicken and I can't touch nothing else for the rest of the day.. I can already tell she gonna be like 6lbs with my 2yrs old daughter i had the same problem and she came out 6lbs 5ounce but with this baby it's worse so she might be smaller smh..

— Try and give her smoothies and juices, you can't even taste the veggies in it. And maybe substitute that burger with a turkey burger?