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Iam 36 weeks, is it to late to switch Obs & hospital for de…

Iam 36 weeks, is it to late to switch Obs & hospital for delivery ?? Iam really thinking about it right now.


— Thank you so much Hun ☺️☺️🙌🏾

— Yeah then if you still are a little on the you aren't sure side then go from there I do wish you all the best

— @dlove2016, that's the same thing Iam thinking about. I really like her though but it's just little minor concerns that I have. But I'll bring them to her attention on Monday and see what we can do.

— You do what's best for you but it is something that can be worked out? I don't know how comfortable you can get with a new place this late

— @shidaa, Smh! I feel the same way. Not all but most of them only care about is the money! Do what you need to do luv. I hope it works out for you!

— @prettyprego, it's certain things I should know right now and I don't. All she says is "don't worry everything is fine" like NO give me some detail. She's really nice but idc for that, I'll give her a last chance on Monday if no improvement I'll have to Dip. Iam Just mad she got paid all this time to be "horrible" 😩

— @shidaa, I sure been wondering the same!