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Too much time on my hands today and started to think again.…

Too much time on my hands today and started to think again. As a wife I feel like I'm just failing. He woke up this morning and said "this is our month. I keep having dreams we're going to have a baby".... I just don't have the confidence he has anymore. I'm tired of telling myself that and then left confused and disappointed. I feel like I let my husband down every month.


— thank you! it's hard not to try

— we tried for 2 years with out first...... as soon as I gave up trying I conceived.... same with our second, I was off birth control for over a year and nothing... then I just stopped thinking about it, the next month I wasn't feeling well and got a positive test 3 days before my missed period... I truly believe we stress ourselves out "trying" to conceive. good luck to you!

— I have the apps, I've taken medicines, I've read books, I have laid here for 10 minutes and turned on relaxing music, I've stood on my head, I've done bicycles, we have done every position the doctor has said that works best, I take my vitamins every morning, I only drink water, me and my husky run around the neighborhood twice because that's a mile, I've used conceive plus once, 2 boxes of pre-seed... idk what else to do.

— typo enter

— they have good apps for knowing your acutal ovulation days, All u do is entirely your last period and the days in your cycle, good luck,

— It gets harder and harder every single month. Then he tells me, this is our month and it wasn't and he says, I have a good feeling about next month and it makes me feel like shit and I feel like I let him down.

— Aww hunn keep your head up, don't lose faith. You are not failing don't beat yourself up, it might take some time not everyone is as fortunate so keep trying and tell yourself that you can and you will ❤️😘