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So, I usually wash my hair every other day (shower everyday…

So, I usually wash my hair every other day (shower everyday of course lol) but recently my hair has immediately become oily after it dries after washing. It's incredibly annoying it's gross. I changed shampoos. And I also just used shampoo instead of shampoo and conditioner. Nothing has worked. It's still oily :/
I have no idea what to do next.


— Dry shampoo will help so you don't have to wash it everyday

— that happened to me around that time of my my pregnancy! I was washing my hair every day and it was Constantly oily.. I just shampooed it well and but I very small bit of conditioner in the ends.. it didn't seem to help much but after a couple weeks it stopped doing it. I ended up changing shampoos and conditioners too but I don't think that had anything much to do wth it

— It's in a purple bottle

— Use clear I use it cause my hair is naturally oily and it works

— ur welcome hope it helps 😊 and if not try washing ur hair with apple cider vinegar @krystarae

— @brudd330, I will. Thank you :)

— @mimiz, @1sttimemommy2016 it really is the worst 😫 and @babyjunebug thank you! I will try that!

— dry shampoo becomes ur best friend spray it in before bed and sleep on it and see if that helps u

— Sometimes if your hair is lacking moisture you will start producing more oil to balance it out. If cutting back on conditioner doesn't help maybe try washing less with more conditioner. And see if that helps. That might be the issue because pregnancy can dry your hair out. Might be greasier for a while but it should balance out after a bit.

— It's not shampoo it's pregnancy j also had the worst static hair ever nothin helped I hated it 😩😩😩

— Girl I have the exact same problem! 😣