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Okay mommas, I need some advice or pointers. I did pretty g…

Okay mommas, I need some advice or pointers. I did pretty good the first couple of week as far as pumping regularly but now in week three heading into week four I've been slacking. But how do you balance a pumping schedule and getting anything done??? I feel like by the time I'm about to make any progress it's time to pump again or I feel like I can't do anything but go see my babies because I'll be away from pumping too long. Any pointers? Or do I just need to get over it? I know it'll be different once my babies come home and that will be a full time thing, I just have so much to do to get ready for them.


— I pumped every 3 hours no matter what. And I just sort of did it. I made it not a choice for myself it was the only way I could.

— I got the freemie cups to go with my medela pump so I can be hands free..

— wear a hands-free pumping bra

— @jojo411, yeah, I don't have quite that problem. mine are in the NICU. but I bet that's frustrating.
@suddymaya hmmm Idk if I'm that coordinated. lol

— get an ac adapter and pump in the car! it will save you time by pumping while driving

— im having the same problem. I'll pump, then he'll wake up but im like all milked out.