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Can't wait to get cute and set up my baby shower lol still …

Can't wait to get cute and set up my baby shower lol still got a while tho I'm doing it late September ladies I need some ideas. My bf has a lot of lil newphews and nieces so I was thinking about doing it at a park and getting a canopy thing with benches instead of renting a place but middle September is cold time right ? 🤔


— Have a babyQ 😉😉😉

— look on pinterest. it's where I'm getting some of my ideas.

— @brynden.nicholle.0716, yea I was tryna think of games and stuff for the kids I know there's gunna be a lot of adults

— @motherlotus, yes that's exactly what I was thinking doing a bbq have a table for food and drinks and a table for present in going all out decorating 😋😊💙

— @kimberkatherine, @mommyofdoubletrouble right yeah I forgot yay !

— a cute things you could get the kids to do is paint a canvas (or multiples) that have the letters of your baby's name and hang them up in the nursery.

— People will still bring you gifts. Parties are fun outside! Just gotta decorate and have food out for everyone and a table designated for presents.

— and like you said i noticed last Halloween was HOT so hopefully this year will be the same.

— the end of october is when it starts to get chilly here in Florida September will still be hot.

— It'll still be very warm in September

— Well now that I remember it was the first hot Halloween last year , so nvm I think I should be good. Also I'm was thinking because it was at a park nobody's gunna bring anything ? I'm not really too worried about that but I'd like something knowing it's a babyshower ? What y'all think ? @kristenrosasco @motherlotus

— Last year it was not cold at all in September and most of October. I'm in VA though so idk how that affects you

— I don't know about Florida but in CA it doesn't get cold until the end of October usually in November